Price List (Updated: 1st December 2015)
Program Time Price
Fun Dive (includes rental equipment) - 1800 PHP
Fun Dive (with own equipment) - 1400 PHP
Introduction Dive 1/2 Day 3500 PHP
Scuba Diver Course 2 Days 17000 PHP
Open Water Course    3-4 Days 22000 PHP
Adventure Diver 1 Day 12000 PHP
Advanced Diver Course) 2 Days 17000 PHP
Nitrox Course 1 Day 15000 PHP
Speciality Courses Contact us Contact us
Emergency Responseder (first aid & CPR) 1 Day 7000 PHP
Rescue Course 2-3 Days 21000 PHP
Divemaster Course Contact us From: 50000 PHP
(including materials)

 Please note that as the season changes, the prices may change.  Use these prices for a general idea but contact us with your query to get an up to date price.